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By Yvonne Ashton on 2/13/2016 9:44 AM

Countdown to Valentine's Day - Mayesh Miami
Just 1 day left until Valentine’s Day!  You have seen Valentine’s Day from our coolers (Portland & Miami), as well as pictures from the farms, but what about when they land in Miami? We want to show you what happens when your wholesale roses arrive, then unloaded from the planes, which are then moved into holding coolers and ran through inspections. Definitely a different perspective and another dimension to the blooms that we work with each and every day.

Check out this Valentine's Day behind-the-scenes video, which our very own Peter Sessler (Director of Rose Purchasing) makes an appearance on NBC 6’s news report yesterday!

By Ali Dahlson on 2/5/2016 10:39 AM

Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw this week's takeover with Cynthia Sanchez of The Blooming Bud. She gave us a peek into her dreamy, Southern California floral designs, ranging from pretty pastels, to natural, foliage inspired designs, to cake... so many beautiful cakes! (Okay now I want cake). We caught up with Cynthia to ask her a few questions and learn a bit more about the designer behind the takeover. Be sure to check out The Blooming Bud on Instagram too! 

By Ali Dahlson on 2/3/2016 3:30 PM


Last month, you got to know Mayesh Design Star Jerome Raska, and this month, we'd love to introduce you to our second Design Star, Shawn Michael Foley! His first video was posted earlier this week and has been a huge hit - if you haven't seen it yet, but sure to check it out here!

By Yvonne Ashton on 2/2/2016 8:22 AM

Valentine's Day 2016 at Mayesh
Valentine’s Day 2016 is quickly approaching. Soon you will be standing on a floor of stems and leaves as you process your wholesale roses and other flowers in preparation for your holiday orders. Here at Mayesh preparations have already begun. Juan, of our purchasing department, is currently in Ecuador visiting our rose farms. He is there to inspect our boxes (well, technically they are your boxes) and help manage the logistics to ensure timely deliveries. This is a crazy time of year for us all and we strive to take the extra step for you, our customer, to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few pictures I thought you would enjoy from yesterday’s visits to Nevado, Ecuanrose and Flower Cargo at the airport before our boxes flown to Miami.

By Yvonne Ashton on 2/1/2016 7:16 AM
Mayesh Minute: TSE 2016 Japanese Sweet Peas  
From The Special Event 2016, David Dahlson reviews the beautiful Japanese Sweet Peas that are now available! These fragrant flowers  come in perfect colors for your upcoming weddings & events!
By Yvonne Ashton on 2/1/2016 6:56 AM
Floral Design Elements: Structured Garden Style with Shawn Michael   

In the first video of his Mayesh Design Star series, Shawn Micheal Foley creates a garden style arrangement with a strong structure, a modern line and a soft focal point. This type of design is perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!
By Yvonne Ashton on 1/26/2016 10:55 AM

hanging door tablescape
We have an answer to the question, “what happens when you combine our creative customers, Mayesh’s awesome people, tablescapes, competition, charity and romance?” We were given 16 romantic tablescapes perfect for Valentine’s Day, which were put up for a vote to name the top 3 designs! Thank you to all who participated in our contest, from ideas, designing to voting - we are lucky to have such a passionate community! Without further delay, this year’s contest winners are as follows:

1st place: Miami; $3000 for Feeding Children Everywhere

2nd place: Chandler; $2000 for Arizona Humane Society

3rd place: Portland; $1000 for Community Transition Program

Congratulations!!!! Below are the details for each of the tablescapes along with beautiful pictures.

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/21/2016 4:48 PM

Mayesh Tablescape Contest 2016 
Our collaborative flower wall contest last year was a big hit among our customers and employees, so we thought we would take the same collaborative concept but apply it to tablescapes this year! So here after our National Open House, we have below 16 beautiful tablescapes for you to view and vote on.

Each year many of our amazing vendors come through with generous donations that help make this day possible, in particular Naniwa (Japanese flowers), Alexandra Farms (garden roses), Greenrose (Ecuadorian roses), Agronatura (Ecuadorian roses), HOSA (spray roses and dianthus), Agriroses (Ecuadorian roses and garden roses), and XACT (garden roses). So thank you to those of you who donated flowers to all of our locations – we greatly appreciate your support!


Last, but not least we are thankful for all of our fabulous customers that helped with the designs of each of the tablescapes and all of our customers who came to enjoy the open house. You all rock!

And as a reminder the top 3 branches receive money to donate to their charity of choice - 1st place: $3000; 2nd place: $2000; 3rd place: $1000! Here are the voting details (scroll all the way down to place your vote):

  • 1 vote per device
  • Voting will be live until Monday, January 25th 8 pm (EST)
  • The winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 26th

Ok, now it is time to vote for your favorite tablescape!

By Ali Dahlson on 1/19/2016 12:49 PM

As many of you know, this year we selected not one, but TWO Mayesh Design Stars! They'll be switching off months, and this January we kicked off 2016 with designer Jerome Raska of Blumz by JR Designs in Detroit, MI. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know our Design Star's a bit better, so we asked them a few questions - up first, Jerome! 

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/18/2016 10:35 AM

If you visited us at The Special Event 2016 (Orland, FL), then you know that the floral boa was a huge hit with the crowd! In this video, David Dahlson is giving you a peak into the details of the gorgeous floral boa - Charlotte hot pink ranunculus, hot pink Paul Wild peonies, hot pink hydrangea, Baronesse garden roses, hot pink Heather and dendrobium orchids. Check it out:

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