Products: Wholesale Flowers & Greens

What types of products do we sell?

Our specialty at Mayesh is fresh, high quality wholesale cut flowers. From orchids originating in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam to classic David Austin Garden Roses, we offer an endless selection of the most highly prized specialty wholesale flowers available today. At Mayesh we carry a full line of fresh products to give diversity and texture to your floral expressions such as exotic products like Goanna Claw from Australia or Mini Bananas from Costa Rica. Not limited by the season at hand, you will find the right wholesale flowers for any occasion to fulfill an order of any size. From staple products to specialty flowers, Mayesh Wholesale Florist has hundreds of varieties when you need them. Click here for our current wholesale flower availability and be sure to check out our Flower Library.

Where are our products grown?

From the Netherlands to New Zealand, our wholesale flowers are grown all over the world on six continents. We bring in shipments daily to insure freshness and just in time products for your orders. 

On the local American grown level, Mayesh picks up daily from the California growing regions of Carlsbad, Santa Barbara County and the Watsonville/Salinas area.  We also purchase domestically from states such as Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, Texas, Washington, Vermont, Wisconsin, and more.

We are passionate about flowers and seek to provide the freshest and highest quality from all around the world.


How do we choose our growers?

Bred for excellence, Mayesh's wholesale flowers are cultivated by farms recognized by their peers as being amongst the best growers in the world. We have developed relationships with hundreds of growers around the globe which give us access to a multitude of cultivars, including new varieties before they come on the market. Meticulous about perfection, at Mayesh we learn how varieties are grown and the latest techniques for improving productivity and overall quality. Through regular interaction with our growers we have built a reliable channel of procurement and distribution. We see how new flowers are doing in trials and we frequently recommend varieties to our growers that have come to our attention in meeting or exceeding the Mayesh high standard of quality.