Wholesale Flower Product Showcase

Each month, we will take you on a tour of our top Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossoms (MCAB), showcasing the best wholesale flowers that are available. By implementing our MCAB program, it is our goal to feature premium and boutique growers that specialize in exquisite and “best in class” flowers. We strive to foster relationships with these growers and supply our artistic floral design community with these truly awesome blooms.

Our 2012 product showcase videos contain great products and information too.  Don't miss out and view them here.

April 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Catersource Event Solutions

Watch this month's product showcase to view all of the fabulous flowers found at our 2014 Catersource/Event Solutions booth. You will see hyacinths, anemones, carnations, hydrangea, tulips, gerrando gerberas, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, roses, sweet peas, vanda orchids, craspedia (billy balls), phalaenopsis orchids, football mums, cymbidium orchids, lilac in various shades of purple, radiant orchid, orange, and yellow all designed in a color blocked look. We had so many compliments on our booth that you don't want to miss it!

March 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Old Favorites with a new Twist

For March's Mayesh Product Showcase, Lauren will take us on a trip down memory lane and show us all the cool new varieties of our old favorite flowers. Products that you will see featured: wax flower, hybrid wax, cremone, carina, pom pom, willow eucalyptus, gunni eucalyptus and agonis.

February 2014 Wholesale Flower Prodcut Showcase: Romantic Flowers

In this edition of the Product Showcase Lauren will show us four different romantic color concepts that will woo your boo!
Seductive romance- Helleborus, Tess garden rose, purple anemone, frill tulip, Hot Chocolate mini calla lilies and purple vanda orchids.
Hot Romance – magenta vanda orchids, red ti leaves, magenta stock, Gospel garden rose, Kate garden rose and hybrid ranunculus.
Sensual Romance – black berries, verbascum leaves, dusty miller, super green parrot tulip, viburnum, white anemone, imported white hybrid delphinium and white freesia.
Flirtatious Romance – Aussie bells, pink frill tulip, China Pink hyacinth, light pink hydrangea, blush hybrid wax flower, O’hara garden rose.

January 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Roses

Join Lindsay as she walks us through some of our most popular rose varieties just in time for Valentine's Day! You wont believe the size of some of these rose heads! Varieties featured: Polo, Sahara, Quick Sand, Senorita, Crem de la Crem, Maritine, Milva, Cherry O, Early Grey, Peach Avalanche, Sophia, Capriccio and Sexy Red.

January 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Radiant Orchid

In the first edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase 2014, Charity highlights Pantone's color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Taking it from the pink and mauve tones to the blue and purple tones, this spread of flowers is the perfect color pallet to bring to weddings, corporate events and interior design. Featured product: Maxima cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, freesia, double anemone, anemone hybrid, frilly edge tulip, succulents, sweet peas, lilac, hyacinth, mokara orchid, phalaenopsis orchid, stock and lisianthus.!

December 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase #2: Hydrating Amaryllis

Check out these quick tips on opening and hydrating your amaryllis! You won't want to miss this! Amaryllis are perfect for holiday designs!

December 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Amaryllis

In this edition of the Mayesh product showcase, Toni Andrade shows us some tips and tricks on how to use Amaryllis in Oasis floral foam. Check out her cool technique on how to insert the amaryllis into the oasis using toothpicks and hyacinth sticks!

November 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase #2 - Cotton Branches

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lindsay Schmidt will talk about the ins and outs of cotton! Care, handling, texture and application are just a few things Lindsay shares with us this November.

November 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase – Peonies

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase Charity goes over what to expect when you receive your peonies, the opening stages, and temperature trick to make your peonies perform for you.

Halloween 2013 Product Showcase - Submerged Flower Hydrating Technique

In this Halloween edition of the product showcase Charity and Lindsay demonstrate how to hydgrate your Phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangea by submerging them in water. Hope you find this trick to be a real treat!

October 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase - Fall Textures

In this edition of the Mayesh Wholesale Flower Product Showcase, Lindsay highlights texture flowers and foliages for all your fall arrangements, projects and designs. Product featured: rose hips, chocolate lace, pampas grass, pumpkin tree, peppers, bittersweet, weigela, blooming grevillea, grevillea foliage, castor beans, pieris buds and contorted hazelnut.

September 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase – AIFD Partners Table

IJill Dahlson walks us through inspiration, product, creative process for the Mayesh partner's table at the AIFD Symposium 2013. Our table this year was French inspired and featured products like black clematis, garden roses, peonies, Japanese lavender lisianthus, allium, pink calla lilies, black agonis, black dahlias and phalanopsis orchids. Oo la la!

August 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase - Anthurium

In this edition of our Mayesh Product Showcase, Lindsay will share some interesting facts about anthuriums like where they are grown and how you can get these tropical flowers to last up to 3 weeks! There are over a thousand species of anthurium, but today we are going to show you varieties like obake, tulip, and the giant green anthuriums, as well as some stunning colors!

July 2013 Wholesale Flower Showcase: Dahlias

In this Product Showcase, Lindsay shows off just how awesome Cafe Au Lat dahlias are and what to expect when ordering them. She also teaches us how to properly hydrate your dahlias to get them to last longer. With varieties like dinner plate, ball, and standard, dahlias offer cool textures and shapes to make your summer time weddings sizzle!

June 2013 Wholesale Flower Showcase: Sunflowers

For this edition of our Product Showcase, Sabrina Mesa will be wiping away that June gloom with one of the happiest flowers around, sunflowers! With varieties like the green center, the bi-color and the classic traditional sunflower, summertime has officially arrived. Nothing beats the California sun or California grown sunflowers!

June 2013 Wholesale Flower Showcase: Sunflowers {Spanish}

Para este edición de Productos Mayesh, Sabrina Mesa va a quitar sacudiendo ese penumbra que nos llega en Junio con uno de los flores más felices, el Girasol! Con variedades como centro verde, bi-color y el Girasol tradicional el verano a oficialmente llegado. Nada compara con el sol de California o Girasoles criado en este estado maravillosa.

June 2013 Wholesale Flower Showcase: Peonies

For this month's Product Showcase, Lindsay Schmidt of the LAX shipping division shows off some of our most popular peony varieties like Red Charm, yellow tree peonies, Sarah Bernhardt and, of course, the show stopping Coral Charm. She talks about vase life, their season, grow time and quick tips about how to treat and open peonies.

May 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Carnations

Jill Dahlson tells us how amazing and important the carnation is to our industry. Rediscovering the carnation as a high impact novelty flower, Jill features carnation varieties like nobbio, antigua, passion, putumayo and the moon series.

April 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Tillandsia / Air Plants [Spanish]

En este edición de vitrina de productos, Kyana se enfoca en tillandsia también llamado plantas aéreas. Algunas de las variedades que Kyana recalca son Stricta, Xerographica, Tricolor, Juncia y Harisii. Kyana también les da unos consejos para la mantención de tu Tillandsia. Pásenlo bien!

April 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Tillandsia (Air Plants)

In this edition of our Product Showcase Toni is focusing on tillandsia, also known as air plants. A few of the varieties highlighted are Stricta, Xerographica, Tricolor, Juncia, Harisii and Fasiculata. Toni will also give you tips on how to care for your tillandsia. Enjoy!

April 2013 Mayesh Flower Product Showcase: Clematis [Spanish]

Ky habla de clematis en nuestro primer video de productos en español para el mes de april. Acompáñanos mientras que habla de la popularidad, vida de vase, información sobre el cuidado y datos curiosos de nuestra boutique productor. Disfrútalo!

April 2013 Mayesh Flower Product Showcase: Clematis [English]

Charity highlights clematis in this product showcase for the month of April. Join us as she walks you through the growing process, vase life, care information and fun facts about our boutique grower. Enjoy!

March 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Icelandic Poppies

In our first product showcase for the month of March, Charity will teach you everything you need to know about Icelandic poppies. From when and where they were first discovered to a technique to make them last longer, we have all the information you need to know about those cute colorful blooms!

February 2013 Flower Product Showcase: 24KT Pure Gold Flower Spray

In our second product showcase for February, Lindsay and Charity demonstrate the use of Design Master's 24KT Pure Gold spray paint on Pincushion protea, eryngium, Icelandic poppies, and succulents. This technique works very well in support of the rustic trend that is popular right now.

February 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Blooming Branches

Get a tour of many of the available blooming branches available now at your Mayesh Wholesale Florist locations that include: cherry, prunus, quince, almond, and tulip tree blossom branches. In addition learn a little grower level knowledge, stages of the branches, and more about forcing & delaying the branches blooms.

January 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase - Part 2

Andy Arthur, our fresh cut flower buyer from Mayesh Detroit, gives you a tour of our amazing booth designed by Jodi Duncan AIFD for The Special Event 2013 show. We went with a white, cream, and green ombre color palette showcasing Clooney ranunculus, fern curls (monkey tail or uhle), Tillandsia (airplants), clematis blooms, Double Rose lily, Mitsumata branches, 18 plus bloom Cymbidium orchid, and much more!

January 2013 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase

Lindsay Schmidt of our Mayesh Wholesale Florist shipping department, shares her flower knowledge while reviewing a few of our January awesome blossoms: BLISS High & Magic, Kiko, and Florida roses, hybrid ranunculus, and Oriental lilies. Stay tuned to more product videos throughout the month.